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High Speed Internet Service for  Local and Rural Connections 
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DigiTech Satellite and SkyNet Internet Service
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Windows XP Users
As most of you know Microsoft will no longer be supporting Windows XP as of April 8th.  The last Internet Explorer (IE) browser to work with XP is IE8. This is outdated and pages may not display correctly. We highly recommend that you immediately start using Google Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox.
BELKIN Routers
After a few years of doing this we have discovered that the routers our customers seem to have the most problems with are Belkin brand.  As we are not truly qualified to give an expert opinion on router research, we do feel it important to mention this.  On the contrary the routers we seem to have the least trouble calls on are the Netgear and Linksys brand.
Computer Repair Questions:
General Billing Questions:
We have been working on some tips for keeping your computer safe from Malware, Spyware and Viruses. The Following links contain two articles to keep your computers secure and to avoid scammers
We Need Your Email Address:
Many of you have not sent me your email address.  Therefore you are not getting invoices, or payment reminders.
SkyNet Invoices are
Billed on the First
Due by the 20th
Late Fee on the 21st
Disconnected at midnight the last day of the month if not paid