Internet For Seniors in Piqua, OH

SkyNet Piqua is now offering internet for $29.95 for seniors.  We know that most seniors are not streaming TV and gaming for four hours a day, so we want to offer them a program that fits their budget.

Our $29.95 Senior Internet Service program is built to provide internet for your essential items, banking, scheduling appointments, shopping online, checking Facebook, and searching the internet for answers.

Senior Internet by Skynet

SkyNet Piqua is a high speed internet service company in Piqua, OH that has been operating for over a decade.  We live in Piqua, and so do our senior parents.  

How Senior Internet by SkyNet Works

Give us a call to see if you qualify.

Set up time for the Free Installation

Payment for First Bill is due at Installation and will be automatically debited at the beginning of each month.

Sign Up & Support Provided Locally

Get reliable customer service from a company that is based in Piqua, and not in another country.  The same people that sell you the product are the ones that provide support.

QUESTIONS?  CALL US: (937) 773-0998


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